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•    Promote fellowship within the Filipino and American communities.
•    Preserves, enhances and promotes common native customs and traditions, arts and cultural heritage.
•    Aid with assimilation into American culture/society, and language barrier
•    Collaborates companionship and moral support to members
•    Promote awareness and education of the Filipino-American History

•    Provide scholarship towards higher learning

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Fil-Am Annual Events

Promotes Fellowship and Build Friendships

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Cultural Folk Dances

Promotes cultural heritage

Filipino American History Month

Promotes education and awareness of Filipino Americans contribution to US History

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Who We Are

The Filipino-American Organization of Metropolitan Omaha (Fil-Am of Metro Omaha) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization based in Omaha, Nebraska. It was founded in the early 70’s promoting awareness of Filipino heritage and culture. In August 2011, it was approved as a nonprofit 501c3 whose mission has evolved to include Filipino and Filipino-American historical achievements while promoting multicultural heritage in the Omaha metropolitan area and the Greater Nebraska.

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